Jayney Art


I am proud that my art has been displayed and sold in a series of art exhibitions and vegan events around the world.  This is all thanks to the Art of Compassion Project, and I hope that my contributions have helped open the hearts and minds of people to all animals, at the same time as raising much needed funds for a variety of vegan charities and animal causes.  I am also pleased to have volunteered at a number of these events, and these are some examples.

Poster Exhibition at Vegan Street Day, Stuttgart, Germany, June 2019 in aid of Vervet Monkey Foundation


Vegfest, Ashville, U.S., June 2019 in aid of BWAR


On-line cat art auction in aid of Taijin Cats Project in Beijing (May 2019)



Liberation Arts Festival, Bristol, February 2019

20180718_090757 Daisy&Maisy@jayney_art

Vegfest, London, October 2018 in aid of Huglett's Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary

Monarch of the Forest W Wolf Love_Jayne Yilmaz_Website

Vegfest Dublin (September 2018) in aid of the National Animal Rights Association

CaringHands cows

Sagna del Seitan Vegan Festival in Florence, Italy (2018)

Way Out(1)